Terms and Conditions



We are small family company offering carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service-including car interior cleaning. Our aim is to provide the best service in affordable prices.
To book our service please contact us directly on 0777 6308077 or use our online booking system at our website www.carpetcleaning24.eu
Once the booking is made please wait patiently for our visit.
If You want to change date or time of Your appointment please contact us as soon as possible-please call us on 0777 6308077. We do not accept text messages or Facebook messages .If You booked online -You can manage Your reservation ( reschedule or cancel ) without need to contact us -just follow instruction in email. We respect Your time and please respect our. We understand, that sometimes circumstances change and You need to cancel appointment, but please inform us as soon as possible. We reserve the right to cancel Your booking when You tried to reschedule appointment more than twice or missed Your appointment in the past or we can ask You to pay deposit to secure Your slot.
We do not allow rebooking less than 24hrs before appointment.

The day before the service is booked You will receive text reminder and exact time confirmation. Please always allow +/-30min from specified time. Some delays happens ( bad traffic, road works any other situations which are out of our control) -if we have delay more than 30 min, we always call/text and inform about that fact.

When we arrive to provide service in Your property please make sure:
-there is safe parking space to unload our vehicle. We can refuse providing service when there is no safe parking space outside your property. If You live in area with limited parking space -please inform us about it when You place bookings. We are not allowed to leave our vehicle in restricted areas, bus lanes, permit holders, double yellow lines areas.

-there is clear footpath leading to Your property. The machines we use are quite big and heavy and we need to have clear way to transport them from our vehicle to Your door.

- please keep dogs and other pets away from cleaning areas.
- we have access to electricity. We need to supply power from wall socket-connecting via extension leads is not safe and is not allowed as machine use 4kW of power. The socket needs to be easily reached -not hidden behind furnitures.
-we have access to water. The warmer water we have the better -we can preheat water in our machine but it takes more time and consumes more energy.
-the floor is clear from toys, small items which can be sucked and block and even damage the cleaning equipment.
-all cables, extensions leads must be removed from carpet.
-if it is not possible to remove all furnitures please leave them in position as they are usally placed. We will move them. We move sofas, chairs, tables. We do not move electrical equipment as Tv units, hi-fi stereo units, heaters, fridges etc. We do not move wardrobes and chest of drawers and other heavy items . The carpet will have no chance to dry under and there is no point to clean under them.
- carpet is not damaged. We do not clean carpets with holes or not fitted properly. It can cause damage to our equipment.
- we prepare floor and provide cleaning service.

- we use chemicals which are safe for pets and kids howerver we advice to keep kids and pets away from cleaning area until it is completely dry.
-we use KARCHER MACHINES and KARCHER RM 76O powder or extraction cleaning solution liquid – choice of chemicals depends on type and colour of carpet.
- While cleaning process we are able to remove most of stains and marks from Your carpet. If we need to use other specialised chemicals to remove stains -we will inform You. Some chemicals have strong smell so we need to make sure there is good ventilation ( front door opened, windows opened) and some chemicals are flammable so please be careful with using flames, candles or cigarettes when carpet is wet.

-some stains are resistant and we will not be able to remove them. It is not the reason to raise complaint. We are cleaning carpets from dirt and soil but do not repair damaged carpets.
-we are very careful with gloss paint, make up, chewing gum on Your carpet. You need to be aware that sometimes it is not possible to remove them or discolour can appear. Sometimes stain can reappear on dry carpet. Please understand that is is not our fault then and it means that carpet is permanently damaged.
- we are able to remove all kind of odour from CARPET. If the odour did not disappear after cleaning it means that underlay is affected or one more treatment is needed. We do not take responsibility if odour comes back.

-after cleaning we ask You to inspect the carpet. It is Your carpet and You know it better and all mark location.
-when we finish cleaning and leave Your property it is Your responsibility to dry the carpet.You have to hoover carpet (when it is dry) from the rest of chemicals and dirt. It is very important if You want to avoid bad smell on Your carpet after cleaning.
Drying time depends on type of carpet and how dirty it was. Usually it is 2-3 hrs but please allow longer drying time for extremely dirty parts of carpet, entrance, walking areas.
Please put heating on to make sure there is 18-24 °C temperature. Please leave at least one window opened to let the steam go outside for 2-3 hrs.
Do not over heat the carpet -risk of shrinking.
If You have fan or dehumidifier it helps to make drying time shorter.
The smell after cleaning is normal process and it should disappear when the carpet is completely dry. It can take between 48-72 hrs. Smell after cleaning is not the reason to make complaint. It is normal process. If You in doubt please contact us. Please make sure there is good circulation and temperature

We do not take responsibility if pet related smell re-appears after cleaning when You have animals at home.

Please be aware we have public liability insurance up to 1.500.000 £ and if any damage occurs to Your property You are covered.

The same terms and conditions apply for upholstery cleaning and car interior cleaning.


Online payments T&C


If You pre-paid for Your service using our online booking system You are fully protected by money back warranty. All payments are protected by STRIPE online payments system.

You can cancel Your booking up to 24 hrs before and full refund will be issued.

If we can't for any reason provide a service to You- full refund will be issued to Your nominated payment card. Please allow up to 3 working days for refund to arrive.

If You missed appointment and did not inform us more than 24 hrs before Your appoitment was schedulded the refund will not be issued.


All fraudulent transactions will be repoerted.